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ICCBP    2015

News: ICCBP 2015 opened registration online

From Sep 9-11, 2015, the 11th International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement will take place in Congress Centre Dresden, Germany. Since the official conference website went online recently, conference registrations for visitors and exhibitors are available now. ...more

News: New video - Tailor-made concrete block manufacturing at new Lithonplus location in Bornhöved

The Lithonplus block-making plant specialises in the development, manufacture and sales of high-quality concrete products. The machine-manufactured products are made on modern plants at a very high technical level. An example of this is Lithonplus’ latest location in Bornhöved... ...more



The right choice with large benefits

Economical advantages of precast concrete in comparison with other structural alternatives

Project developers often have to choose between various alternatives when planning a new building. The expected cost, involved in design and construction, but also in later use, is a major criterion in decision making in the early stage of the project development. The result of a comparison of costs depends on the type of structure, its locatio...


Development of a suitable mouthpiece

Extrusion of textile-reinforced concrete

Textile-reinforced concrete is a new composite material that is characterised by thin-walled components and workpieces. In the usual manufacture processes, the textile is embedded by laminating, spinning or casting the concrete. In addition, the spraying of concrete onto a textile reinforcement has become an established method for strengthening...


Quadra, 74130 Contamine-sur-Arve, France

Marcano Group modernises its production line and integrates a full plant with highly efficient …

… block machine Since its creation in 1972 by Carlos Manuel Marcano Martich, Marcano Group has been steadily developing its business, and now stands as a leading supplier within its area. Based in Dominican Republic for more than 40 years, this group succeeds in adapting its activity to the market by progressively expanding its range of produ...


American Concrete Pipe Association, Irving, Texas 75063-2595, USA

Durability and longevity of concrete pipe determined through an evolution of production and …

… product design It would be ideal if underscoring the value of concrete pipe was as simple as pointing to legacy pipelines and culverts that have performed as designed for decades and even centuries. That is not the case, because new specifiers, designers, regulators and contractors are enter­ing the market continuously while veterans in th...


Redi-Rock International, Charlevoix, MI 49720, USA

Use of SCC Results in Higher Quality Architectural Finish for Precast Blocks

Over the past few years, concrete manufacturers looking to achieve the highest quality are turning more and more to Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC). Architectural appearances are in high demand, requiring uniformity (or intentionally random appearance), consistent coloring, detailed textures, and blemish-free concrete surfaces. Historically, ...