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Concretes for new applications and new products
Widening the range of precast concrete
The development of concrete from a classical to an innovative material is still in progress. Where self-compacting concrete has reached the status of maturity, the material Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), initially regarded as an academic toy, appears to offer unexpected possibilities. UHPC showed, in spite of its relatively high cost per m3, that it may lead to cost reduction when it is suitably integrated in pro­jects. The reduction of self-weight, in combination with the high prestressing level by virtue of its high compressive strength, leads to slender structural members with high bearing capacity. Large spans are possible in robust structures, whereas as well the architectural quality can be outstanding. Surprisingly the material scores as well high in the context of sustainable design. Another development to be followed with due attention is that of textile reinforced concrete.

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Modern solutions for affordable housing with concrete blocks
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From Vision to Reality: Modular Housing System for the Creation of Earthquake-Proof Living Space
Ratec/Reymann Technik GmbH, 68766 Hockenheim, Germany