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ICCX Russia 2015


Ternary mixtures of clay, lime and clinker

LC3 – a new recipe for the future of cement

Low costs, low environmental impact and user friendliness in comparison with other building materials make concrete the preferred building material of the 21st Century. However, the concrete industry is facing a challenge: how can the availability of concrete be increased while at the same time reducing the environmental impact?


Practical advice

Maintaining consistency of concrete quality with constantly changing cement supply

Concrete production industry exists in the environment where concrete raw materials supply is constantly changing. The reasons are many: business owners hunger to improve the business profitability and are looking for better material prices and suppliers and also, sometimes, concrete plants have to use what is available at the time. And yet, ob...


Wasa AG, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

Greystone from Eggesin expands its wetcast range again

High quality concrete caststones manufactured using the wetcast method are constantly growing in popularity on the market. Greystone Ambiente & Style GmbH & Co. KG from Eggesin is one of the leading manufacturers of such products and began series production of wetcast patio slabs as far back as 2003. To do so the company invested at that time i...


Polish experiences with manhole structures

‘Relief rings’ – myths and facts

So-called ‘relief rings’ have been available for some years now on the Polish concrete manhole market. Among planners, building contractors and supervisory authorities, however, there are just as many opponents as there are proponents of the use of such elements. The concept of the relief rings is that the vertical traffic loads are transmitted...


Peikko Group Corp., 15101 Lahti, Finland

Element connector for precast elements

Peikko, the Scandinavian market leader in composite beam systems, reinforcement and connection technology in reinforced concrete construction, will present its new development, the Tenloc element connector, at the BAU 2015 from 19 to 24 January in Munich. The patented, safe quick connector works as simply as a door lock and was developed especi...