ZBI Congress
ICCX Russia 2015


C³ – a new way of building for the global challenges of the future
Potentials of a new type of composite material
“Rethinking building” is the slogan of a young innovative network, C³ –Carbon Concrete Composite, which connects around 90 partners from science and economics. They are all united by the vision of tapping the potentials of a new material composite – Carbon Concrete Composite – and putting them into building practice.


High-performance concrete with bonded joints
From the development to the application
In comparison with mechanical joints, bonded joints exhibit a more even distribution of force with fewer stress peaks. There is a wide range of applications, for example in the aviation industry, where many of the material joints are bonded. This is possible thanks to homogeneous material properties and high surface strengths. In construction, ...


Fabrication and testing of pre-stressed concrete poles and railway sleepers in India
Concrete reinforced with chemically modified jute
The bending strength of prestressed concrete can significantly be improved by using chemically modified chopped jute fibre as secondary reinforcement. A process methodology to homogeneously disperse jute fibers in the concrete mix was developed using carboxylated styrene butadiene polymer latex coating on mercerized chopped jute fibres and tann...


Concrete pipes, the pipe for future generations
The advantages of precast concrete technology
In 1868, Monier received an addition to his patent called “Methods for pipes”. That was the start for many inventors to produce (reinforced) pipes. The precast concrete industry can look back on a very rich past. No other pipe material has proven its effectiveness over such a long period. Concrete and concrete products have evolved enormously e...


Planning and design of precast concrete building structures
New fib Handbook
Prefabrication of concrete structures is an industrialized process with a large potential for the future. It is often considered by uninitiated designers as a variant execution technique of cast in-situ construction, where the notion of prefabrication means that parts of the construc- tion are precast in specialised plants, to be assembled afte...