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With the novel SONO sensors, based on the innovative and patented TRIME®radar technology, IMKO is presenting a new generation of moisture sensors. Due to the innovative TRIME® radar technology, it is possible for the first time ever, to eliminate the disadvantages of all previous moisture probes. 

With the SONO®-MIX it is possible to measure long term stable your fresh concrete with a never achieved life time of a probe head. Coarse aggregate can contain a lot of water. Without proper moisture measurement your water calculation is wrong. For the first time ever you can measure coarse aggregates reliably over many years from sizes 1…32mm, whether gravel or grit. All SONO® probes can be updated or upgraded problem-free to any PLC. 

Feel free to compare our performance data with any other providers on the market! Turn into a totally new dimension of moisture measurement at a level of accuracy yet unknown that will also enable you to perform new application options.


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