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CPi worldwide杂志是混凝土和预制混凝土行业的贸易期刊,每两个月在170多个国家以11个定制语言版本出版。该行业期刊以其在研究、生产和应用等方面的深入实际的报道,特别面向混凝土和预制混凝土行业的决策者。

Customers know that our magazines are absolutely reliable and respectable sources of relevant and technically well-founded information.

  • According to a Business Media study, 79% of all concrete specialists regularly read trade magazines.
  • 6 out of 10 industry experts say that advertising in trade magazines has prompted them to make or endorse investment decisions in favour of certain plants, products or services.
  • Advertising in trade magazines also represents the biggest motivation for on-line research on webpages.
  • New CPI-Worldwide advertisers can usually register a doubling of the numbers of visitors to their webpage after 1-2 years.
  • 90% of the readers who participated in a corresponding survey stated that the information offered in CPI-Worldwide was of considerable importance to their occupational and business activity.


  • News
  • Concrete Technology/Testing Technology
    Mixing technology, dosing technology, moisture measurement technology, admixtures, dyes, fibres etc.
  • Concrete Products/Cast Stone
    Manufacturing technology for concrete goods, refinement technology equipment for the production of concrete goods (moulds, underlay boards, drying systems etc.)
  • Concrete Pipes/-Manholes/Reinforcement Technology
    Manufacturing machines for the production of concrete pipes and manholes etc., manufacturing technology for the production of reinforcements
  • Precast Concrete Elements/Reinforcement Technology
    Production technology for the manufacture of precast and prestressed concrete elements, software and planning aids, assembly systems, anchors etc., manufacturing technology for the production of reinforcements
  • Readymix Concrete & Mobile Mixing Plants
  • Trade Fairs and Events
  • Classified Ads

All areas of concrete production are covered in each edition of CPI-Worldwide. In this way you can co-ordinate your marketing strategy with your operational planning. You are not forced into a rigid theme plan that might no longer be up to date by the time of publication.

This guarantees that information that is critical for decision making is communicated to your target markets with each issue.


CPi worldwide journals are trade journals for the concrete and precast concrete industry that are published in 11 different language editions in more than 170 countries. These trade journals, with their practical editorial reporting on research, production and applications, are specifically addressing the decision makers of the concrete and precast concrete industry.

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