About CPI TV ...the Concrete Channel

CPI-TV is divided into five channels: CPI-TV Education; CPI-TV Company Videos; CPI-TV Production Plants; CPI-TV Safety; CPI-TV Events.

CPI-Education, channel 1, features presentations from world-renown professional in the concrete industry. These segments give the viewer the ability to learn new procedures and practices. Many of the presentations featured are from CPI’s ICCX conferences and are selected for their worldwide appeal.

CPI-TV Company Videos, channel 2 & CPI-TV Production Plants, channel 3, contains video of equipment, products and services for the concrete industry. Here, concrete professionals have “eyes-on” of equipment, products and services in situ. In this unique format, CPI-TV Industry brings suppliers and buyers together in a personal, uninterrupted setting.

The 4th channel is CPI-TV Safety. This section is dedicated to safety innovation, practices and ideas that all concrete production facilities are faced with. The concrete professional gains valuable information to assist them in improving safety, without sacrificing production or product quality.

CPI-TV Events, channel 5, features previews from upcoming trade shows and footage of past fairs. The channel gives concrete professionals, regardless of location, the opportunity to get an impression about trade fairs around the world.

CPI-TV is an all encompassing information network for concrete professionals worldwide!