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Venator Granfin

Key brands and products

  • COLORFIN® pigments: A liquefied version of carbon that can be used in combination with our automatic liquid dosing systems
  • COLOURPLEX® pigments: Universally compatible calcined complex inorganic pigments with excellent weather resistance, thermal and chemical stability – ideal for camouflage and high-performance materials
  • DAVIS COLORS™: Custom and specialty colors for decorative and architectural concrete performance iron oxide, cost-effective powders for large volume consumers
  • FERROXIDE™ pigment: Synthetic non-toxic red, yellow, orange, brown and black iron oxides made from 60% post-industrial recycled content processed in both micronized and regular grades
  • GRANUFIN® pigments: Free-flowing, easy-to-handle, virtually dust-free, micro-granulated red, yellow, brown and black iron oxide pigments; titanium dioxide white; chromium oxide green; and cobalt blue
  • HYDROTINT® pigments: Highly concentrated liquid versions of iron oxides in red, yellow, brown and black for concrete manufacturing


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CPi worldwide sind Fachzeitschriften für die Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie, die in 10 verschiedenen Sprachausgaben in mehr als 170 Ländern veröffentlicht werden. Mit ihrer praxisnahen redaktionellen Berichterstattung über Forschung, Produktion und Anwendung richten sich diese Fachzeitschriften gezielt an die Entscheidungsträger der Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie.

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