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Spiroll Precast Services Ltd.


Universal Extruder

Spiroll deliver total solutions for precast concrete production setups, providing machinery and support that achieves a quick payback. As well as supporting a low cost entry strategy, our solutions provide provision for growth enabling manufacturers to increase production capacity in line with demand.

Our aim is simple: to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best possible price.

Spiroll offer a complete range of prestressing equipment, accessories and related services. We have a National accredited prestressing training scheme and provide consultancy and advice to support new and existing precast projects.

Our approach is founded on over 50 years of technical know-how and precast manufacturing experience. This is aligned with low overhead costs; people on the ground supporting a global customer base; an internationally proven hollowcore production system that provides our customers with a competitive advantage, and a manageable and affordable solution.


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  • Straße: 5 Royal Scot Road
  • Stadt: Derby
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  • Land: United Kingdom

CPi worldwide sind Fachzeitschriften für die Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie, die in 10 verschiedenen Sprachausgaben in mehr als 170 Ländern veröffentlicht werden. Mit ihrer praxisnahen redaktionellen Berichterstattung über Forschung, Produktion und Anwendung richten sich diese Fachzeitschriften gezielt an die Entscheidungsträger der Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie.

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