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Trimble Solutions Corporation


Working with the accurate virtual model of building

Fabrication drawings directly from model

Customize Tekla Structures to meet your needs

Effective reference handling and compatibility

Accurate quantities fast from the model

Integrate to machinery; interface with production management software

Mobile solutions bring visual model information to the factory and site

Visualize statuses, coordinate projects and ensure progress according to the schedule

Utilize clear model information to increase efficiency in project meetings

Work effectively with any structure regardless of material, size or complexity.

Tekla software by Trimble.

Tekla software provides construction industry a chance to achieve greater competitive edge with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Structural Design software.

Since 2011, Tekla has been part of Trimble, an industry leader with the vision of transforming the way the world works. Trimble’s innovative solutions connect the whole design-build-operate lifecycle of buildings. From the beginning of 2016, Tekla as an organization has changed its name to Trimble. Together we are shaping a smarter future for construction.

For Precast professionals Trimble's Tekla software brings advantage to design, factory and site. With the intuitive tools you can model any structure to highest level of detail, and use the information in the accurate model to plan and control production. Working with the constructible models minimizes costly surprises and rework and streamlined processes lead to more profitable projects. 


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CPi worldwide sind Fachzeitschriften für die Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie, die in 10 verschiedenen Sprachausgaben in mehr als 170 Ländern veröffentlicht werden. Mit ihrer praxisnahen redaktionellen Berichterstattung über Forschung, Produktion und Anwendung richten sich diese Fachzeitschriften gezielt an die Entscheidungsträger der Beton- und Betonfertigteilindustrie.

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