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Pathfinder Systems


Laser Height Scale

Tiger Model S

GMM-Cemar CMS gs + LMS gs2

GMM-Cemar LMS gs 650

GMM-Cemar -Toro

Cure Tec-Test Curing Container

B + S Peco System

MERTS batch plant

MERTS batch plant

MERTS batch plant

With items such as Tiger Machine’s real 3 minute mold change, and one minute height change, we provide the ability to produce both low and high products on the same machine with consistent quality. With the addition of optional face mix that you can now produce a whole new line of products without affecting mold change or height change time. It’s proven technology and not a proto type that can use, in most cases, your existing molds.

The Handling Systems also are leading edge technology with easy first in first out systems using either Stationary Rack, Transfer Car or Finger Car style systems. These systems not only keep track of product in the plant by size, but by color as well. Pallet Buffering to allow your plant to continue running even if a minor or major part of the plant is down is just one more benefit for the modern plant.


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CPi worldwide journals are trade journals for the concrete and precast concrete industry that are published in 11 different language editions in more than 170 countries. These trade journals, with their practical editorial reporting on research, production and applications, are specifically addressing the decision makers of the concrete and precast concrete industry.

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