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Kraft Curing Systems GmbH


Thermal Cure - Betonhärtungssystem


Betonummantelte Pipelines

Härtung von Tunnelsegmenten

Kabelloses Sensorsystem

Hot Rocks Silo-Heizsystem für Zuschlagstoffe


Kraft Rack with Quadrix Accelerated Concrete Curing System

Convect-Air Circulation for Wet-Cast Concrete

Vapor Curing for Prestress and Precast Concrete

Vapor Curing for Precast Concrete

Vapor Curing for Blocks and Pavers

Thermalcure Curing with Radiant Heat

Hot-Rocks Aggregate Heating System

Take Control from Anywhere - With Access Anywhere

Kraft - A Passion for concrete

Since 1990 Kraft has pioneered modern concrete curing - the process of controlling and optimizing the rate of cement hydration of manufactured concrete products. Kraft Curing Systems is located in Lindern Germany and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania USA. We design, manufacture, install and service custom manufactured equipment for the measurement, recording, control and acceleration of the concrete curing process.

We are dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of accelerated concrete curing while increasing product strength and quality in order to support our customers success.

We will manufacture the highest quality concrete curing systems available worldwide. We will provide exceptional service before the sale, during installation and commissioning and throughout the life of the system. We strive to make innovations to the concrete production process that will positively affect the final cured product.



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  • Street: Muehlenberg 2
  • City: Lindern
  • Postcode: 49699
  • Country: Germany

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