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Greentec Construction Technologies, LLC



SupaBlok mold assembly


SupaPanel Barnwood texture

SupaPanel MaxiFlex mold

SupaPanel Ashlar texture

SupaCoping mold

SupaPanel concrete panel

Greentec Construction Technologies is a global leader in providing solutions for producing cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) products. We sell precast forms and equipment worldwide.

We currently offer five product lines:

* Molds for making interlocking, dry stacked building blocks (SupaBlok™) for homes, walls and buildings
* Molds for making precast equipment pads (SupaPad™)
* Foam generators (SupaGen™) and foam concentrate (SupaFoam™) for producing CLC
* Molds for making concrete fence or wall panels (SupaPanel™)
* Molds for making precast slotted fence posts (SupaPost™) and copings (SupaCoping™)

All of our products are designed in such a way that neither heavy equipment nor electricity is required for the production or installation of the building materials. Our products are designed for markets that favor low capital investment and have relatively low cost abundant labor.

Besides our standard products custom solutions are also possible.


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