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Custom-Made Monolithic Manhole Bases – From Planning to Delivery in Just a Few Steps Thanks …

… to a Highly Efficient Procedure Leko Precast, founded in 1975, has a well-deserved reputation in Western Canada for high-quality precast concrete products. In addition to a wide range of manhole components, it produces box culverts, retaining wall systems and electrical bases. Its product range is supplemented by precast septic tanks and even toilet buildings. All of the components manufactured by Leko Precast have two things in common: they are designed to meet individual customer and project needs, and they meet the most stringent of requirements in the precast industry. Leko Precast is also a member in good standing of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA). And so it came as no surprise when the company decided to take a closer look at Schlüsselbauer Technology’s Perfect production system two years ago. Custom-fit manhole bases are designed to each site requirement using a computerized layout program which also supplies process data for later production stages. Employees at the concrete factory are guided through the individual production stages and the necessary data are available throughout the entire process, right through to the affixing of large labels on the finished product.

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The plant manufacturer and system developer Schlüsselbauer Technology has been a reliable partner of the international precast concrete industry for more than 50 years. As one of the leading companies in this area Schlüsselbauer delivers integrated systems for the strategic drinking water supply as well as for rain water drainage and sewage disposal to its global customers.

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