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3D printing in Europe

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Category: Education

Erecting bridges using lightweight precast thin-walled concrete girders

ICCX Russia 2016 - Johann Kolleger

Advantages of paving slabs with UHP face concrete

ICCX Russia 2016 - Alexander Wetzel

In-house Training Seminar for Maintanance- & Sales Manager

ICCX Russia 2016 - Anna Rybakov

Innovations in the development of the precast foundation for track superstructures

ICCX Russia 2016 - Sergey Kuznetsov

Freeze thaw resistance on mortars and concrete

ICCX Russia 2016 - Götz Hüsken

Carbonbeton - Der Werkstoff der Zukunft

fib - Plannning and design handbook on precast building structures


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