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BASF Construction Chemicals Italia Spa, 31100 Treviso, Italy

Stai Prefabbricati started its activities in 1966 and progressively continued its growth in the years thereafter. Today, the Stai group com prises 10 companies using their synergies and boasting an annual production capacity of 400,000 m2 of industrial and commercial building space. Stai has specialized in civil and industrial construction projects in the framework of the most advanced standards of the precast construction sector and the utilization of high-quality materials and modern and highly efficient production facilities. A dynamic and modern group of companies, Stai has consistently been focusing on high quality, superior aesthetics and a favourable price-performance relationship, always taking into consideration the challenges and trends posed by the market. In order to better satisfy the market needs of those days, the production facility of Stai Prefabbricati SpA was founded in 2001. This facility is located about 2 km from Stai’s headquarters with a total area of 44,000 m2 also features a concrete mixing plant, 4,800 of which are covered by the actual production area, the remainder being used for storage and loading of the finished products. The site’s production philosophy is based on the continuous control of the production process, targeted research of innovative materials, continuing training of staff, and a determined observation of environmental aspects.

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