Sustainability of structures made of UHPC

Example of the Gärtnerplatz bridge in Kassel

Ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a very densely structured and corrosion-resistant concrete with a compressive strength of between approximately 150 and 200 MPa. It enables the construction of material-saving, delicate and yet extremely strong and very durable structures. One example of this is the Gärtnerplatz bridge in Kassel. The approximately 133 m long hybrid construction was built in 2007. It consists of a three-dimensional framework of steel pipes, which is bonded by steelwork to the longitudinal beams made of prestressed UHPC. For the first time ever in the world, the likewise prestressed, precast UHPC slabs for the deck were glued to the longitudinal beams using an epoxy resin adhesive [1, 2].

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