New Structural/Architectural Concrete Plantin Florida Sets a New Standard

Metromont Corporation, Bartow, FL 33830, USA

From the Pantheon in 126 A.D. to Miami’s new Marlins baseball stadium in 2010, concrete has become an integral part of the world in which we live. While concrete structures have been built for many centuries, most of the significant improvements in prestressing and concrete batching technology have been made over the last 50 years. The history of one of the United States precast concrete industry leaders, Metromont Corporation, dates back to 1925 when the company was engaged in road building at a time when mules played a significant role in the process. In 1959, the company introduced prestressing in Greenville, South Carolina and today Metromont operates six precast/prestressed manufacturing facilities throughout the southeastern United States. For more than 51 years Metromont has grown significantly as a producer for virtually every building application from architectural cladding for high rise office buildings, to data centers, prisons, stadiums, condominiums, mixed use facilities, schools and more than 700 parking structures. Along with the growth came the need for improvements in technology, efficiencies and safety of plant operations. Headquartered in Buford, Ga., concrete batch plant equipment supplier Jamieson Equipment Company supplied Metromont with four of their last five concrete batching facilities and several mixer retrofits. Jamieson Equipment Company was approached with a concept of a new production facility for Metromont’s Florida location.

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