New solution for concrete logistics and transportation

Weiler – C.Holzberger Industrial Ltda, 13505-620 Rio Claro, SP, Brasil

Due to the increasing use of precast concrete elements, the market needs technologies that can add value to current production methods. In step with the market, WCH offers most recent production technologies to optimize industrial processes, guaranteeing quality, reducing labor and improving the layout of clients' plants. As part of this state-of-the-art technology, WCH presents an excellent alternative for internal concrete transport, from batching to the next unloading station.

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WEILER - C. Holzberger Industrial Ltda Rua Alfa, 400 - Distrito Industrial 13505-620 - Rio Claro – SP/Brasil T + 55 19 3522-5900 PABX F + 55 19 3522-5905


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