New fibre dosing machine for plastic and glass fibreshort cuts with lengths of 6-30 mm

Kimido Kindler GmbH, 72160 Horb/Neckar, Germany

The Kimido company has been occupying itself for decades with the development, manufacture and sale of weighing and dosing technology for the concrete and building material industries, as well as for related industries. Especially in the segment of paint and additives, innovative products have been positioned on the market again and again. With pigment-dosing machines for powder, compact pigments and granulates, big-bag filling and emptying machines, admixture weighers and lab mixers, the Kimido company has a broad product portfolio. This product diversity is the result of customised machine solutions that can also be used by other customers with only minor modifications. A few years ago the product portfolio was also supplemented with a fibre dosing machine for plastic and glass fibres in lengths of 6 – 30 mm.

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