New cone mixer for Frenchswimming pool manufacturer

Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH, 88422 Bad Buchau, Germany

Desjoyaux Piscines from La Fouillouse, France, is the biggest producer of swimming pools in Europe. Besides the actual pool design and fabrication itself, the full package includes concrete edging blocks manufactured in a separate production hall using the wetcast method. When it comes to concrete, Desjoyaux Piscines has relied for some 3 years past on the long-standing experience of Sylvain Adam from Beton Stone Consulting (BSC), Etzling, (Moselle) close to the German border. Extensive modernisation work was recently carried out at the production facilities which were re-equipped, amongst other things, with a new concrete mixer from Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH, Germany.

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Beton Stone Consulting 31b Voie Romaine 57460 Etzling, France T + 33 387 887657 F + 33 387 133208 Desjoyaux Piscines Z.I du Bas-Rollet BP 280 42 486 La Fouillouse Cedex, France T +33 477 361212 F +33 477 361210 Kniele Baumaschinen GmbH Gemeindebeunden 6 88422 Bad Buchau, Germany T +49 7582 93030 F +49 7582 930330


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