50 Years of Putzmeister –A Pioneer Celebrates Technological History

Putzmeister AG, 72631 Aichtal, Germany

With above-average growth for many years, consolidated sales of over a billion Euros (1.5 billion US $ in 2007) and nearly 4,000 employees, the Putzmeister Group (PM) is today one of the most successful and innovative German construction machinery manufacturers. Fifty years ago, nobody could have imagined that a mechanical engineering student would set such benchmarks and change the entire industry with the ideas contained in his diploma thesis. The company for developing and assembling plastering machines, which was founded in 1958 in Karl Schlecht's father's garage, is today, with over 20 subsidiaries world-wide, one of the leading providers of concrete pumps and booms, mortar pumps and screed conveyors as well as pump and silo systems for industrial high-density solids. Putzmeister's range of products is rounded off by mobile conveyor belt systems and high-pressure cleaners for professional operators.

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Putzmeister AG Max-Eyth-Str. 10 72631 Aichtal, Germany T +49 7127 5990 F +49 7127 599520 www.putzmeister.de pmw@pmw.de


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