Bonding characteristics of a new typeof prestressing steel wire with spiral ribbing

Practical tests passed successfully

In order to obtain general building authority approval from the German Institute of Building Tech-nology (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – DIBt) for a prestressing steel wire St 1375/1570 with a new-type spiral ribbing and a nominal diameter of 9.5 mm, extensive tests of the mechanical characteristics and the bonding behaviour were carried out at the Centre for Building Materials and Material Testing (CBM) at the TU Munich. The prestressing steel wire is manufactured by the Chinese company Silvery Dragon PC Products Group Co. Ltd for use in an immediate bond. Besides the determination of the key values necessary for approval and subsequent practical use in construction, initial concrete railway sleepers prestressed with this prestressing steel wire were also manufactured and tested by the Testing Authority for Land Thoroughfare Construction (Prüfamt für Bau von Landverkehrswegen) at the TU Munich. Both the results from the approval tests and those from the sleeper tests showed that the prestressing steel wire, with its new-type spiral ribbing, demonstrates very good bonding characteristics and, accordingly, can be recommended for practical use in construction. The results presented below are part of the approval tests carried out.

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