Production issues for Self-Compacting concrete

Book review

Self-compacting concrete continues to be one of the most exciting new developments in concrete technology. It has obvious advantages especially for the precast and readymix industries and is increasingly used for the production of high quality concrete elements world wide. The literature and the technical press are full of data on this relatively new technology and concrete producers may find it difficult to see the relevant information behind the vast offerings on information. Over the years, CPI has served as a channel for the concrete production industries, presenting relevant publications and latest developments on SCC, especially aimed at production-related issues. The book “Self- Compacting Concrete”, published early this year, presents a very useful overview on material technology, application and production issues of SCC. A short review of the chapters on production-related issues is presented in the following.

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Self-Compacting Concrete Geert De Schutter, Peter J. M. Bartos, Peter Domone and John Gibbs 288 pp, hardback, £ 85 Whittles Publishing, 2008, ISBN 978-1904445-30-2


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