Innovative solutions for formlining, lifting,fastening, and reinforcing precast concrete

Precast manufacture in New Zealand

The precast technique is practical and economical. This is proven by the very existence of the precast concrete industry and the numerous successful building projects achieved using precast concrete. A number of aspects make concrete precast different from in-situ concrete. Precast elements must be jointed with each other to form a complete structure. A precast concrete structure is an assemblage of precast elements which, when suitably connected together, form a 3D framework capable of resisting gravitation and wind (or even earthquake) loads. Another unique concrete precast feature is vertical patterned texture, achieved by using formliners, which are essentially moulds for giving texture and design. New Zealand is a relatively young country. Europeans only started settling in New Zealand in any significant numbers of the past one hundred years. Being isolated geographically and having no cultural traditional building systems to change, New Zealand has been quick to adopt innovative precast building systems which now enjoy a relatively high market share. Some of these innovative building systems, such as onsite precasting and moment-resisting precast building frames, have evolved their own style and character to meet New Zealand’s unique needs. Over the years innovative and unique systems to support precast concrete construction industry have been developed.

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