New block machine in Poland

Rekers GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, 48478 Spelle, Germany

The Polish building industry has developed considerably in recent years. CJ Blok Sp. zo. o. in Rudna Mala is one of the upwardly mobile companies. In 2004, the company once again placed the emphasis of its business on the Polish market and expanded its range of products. Since then, new products have appeared on the market every year. The annual sales figures for basic products such as hollow blocks for walls and façades as well as paving stones have also risen continuously. At the same time, new products, such as support blocks, solid blocks and road building elements have been introduced. In order to cope with the very dynamically growing requirements for concrete products, a decision was taken in 2006 to purchase a new stone production machine from Rekers GmbH in Germany. The investment was then realised in 2007.

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CJ Blok Sp. z o.o. Rudna Mala 42A k/Rzeszów 36-060 Glogów Malopolski, Poland T +48 17 8518220 F +48 17 8516670 Rekers GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Gerhard-Rekers-Straße 1 48478 Spelle, Deutschland T +49 5977 9360 F +49 5977 936250


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