Exemplary safety at work ideas in CPi-TV

StBG Steinbruchs-Berufsgenossenschaft, 30853 Langenhagen, GERMANY

The Quarry and Mining Employers’ Liability Insurance Association is one of the driving forces towards better protection of health and safety in the stone and earth industry. For years it has used the widest variety of media to distribute its information with orientation towards target groups. The bandwidth is large and extends from personal talks and traditional printed media to Internet or video-assisted instruction. In keeping with this, the best ideas of the Health and Safety at Work Sponsorship Award have always been filmed and distributed on DVD. The basic thought behind every idea is hence quickly 'visible' in the truest sense of the word. The Quarry and Mining Employers’ Liability Insurance Association is now taking a further step towards customer and user orientation and is presenting a selection of interesting Sponsorship Award entries from the industry via CPi-TV. An offering that will be extended further in the coming months.

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