Flat slabs made of steel fibre-reinforced concrete

ArcelorMittal Bissen S.A., 7769 Bissen, Luxembourg

Normal flat slabs made of cast-in-situ concrete are generally reinforced with mesh and sometimes further reinforced with steel bars. T-beam profiles are another alternative with corresponding stirrup reinforcement in the beams. In a major trial on the company premises of ArcelorMittal Bissen S.A. in Luxembourg it has been shown that with a higher fibre content, self-supporting flat slabs made of steel fibrereinforced concrete, so-called TAB-Slabs®, can meet the required safety level. These results have been confirmed in another major trial in Tallinn. Steel fibre-reinforced concrete has been used successfully for many years in components with limited hazard potential. Current regulations however are limited to performance values which can be achieved with thus-far standard fibre contents of up to 50 kg/m3. This paper describes the backgrounds and the results of the new trials plus reference projects carried out in different countries for flat slabs made of steel fibre-reinforced concrete. Particular reference should be made to a residential and commercial block built in Ingolstadt in 2007. The specific commercial factors are dealt with individually in each case.

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