Successful modernizationof concrete block production in Hungary

Poyatos, S.A., 18220 Albolote (Granada), Spain

The company betonEpag (betonEpag Építőanyaggyártó Kft.), situated 25 km to the south from Budapest, was founded by two Hungarian individuals in 1985. Growing during the last 23 years betonEpag is still managed by the owners and their sons, and now they are one of the biggest independent producers in Hungary. The company is considered as a traditional producer of concrete blocks in the Hungarian market with a well established distribution network. Besides making paving stones, concrete slabs and curbstones, the hollow blocks reach 50% of the total sales. This is the reason why the company’s strategy was to modernize the hollow blocks production, for having the technical background to grow, and to provide the highest quality for the costumers.

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betonEpag Jegenye sor 10 2316 Tököl, Hungary T +36 24 531990 F +36 24 479050 POYATOS, S.A. Polígono Industrial de Juncaril parc 119 18220 Albolote (Granada), Spain T +34 958 466990 F +34 958 467118


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