Highly modern manufacturingand refinement line in Kazakhstan

SR-Schindler Steinbearbeitungsmaschinen und Anlagentechnik GmbH, 93057 Regensburg, Germany

As the largest land-locked country and the ninth largest country of all in the world, the republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia has ex perienced a genuine economic miracle since the end of the 1990s. The enormous deposits of raw materials, in particular oil, gas and ores are making the country’s economy boom. The beneficiary of this development is the local building industry, which is realising a wide variety of large-scale projects, especially in the new capital city of Astana and the country’s second-largest city Almaty. The Basis-A Corporation, one of the leading construction companies in Kazakhstan, therefore decided to establish their own manufacturing works for refined concrete stones and slabs in Almaty. The intention was to place the emphasis here on the production of concrete slabs. The new works, which were intended to be built here in the open countryside, were under the control of the Concrete Products company, whose name was subsequently changed to Company Concrete and which is a subsidiary of the Basis-A Corporation.

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