Sustainable cement technologyfor concrete products

Ceratech Inc., Alexandria, VA 22311, USA

Ceratech, a company founded in 2001, and based in Baltimore, MD., USA, with corporate offices in Alexandria, Virginia, is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered cement that can be used in the manufacture of concrete products. The material contains neither Portland cement nor polymer resins and largely consists of coal ash. This coal ash is chemically manipulated and is an active component of cement, not a supplemental cementitious material as it is when used in conjunction with Portland cement concrete. The cement may be extended with most traditional natural stone aggregates or recycled concrete, man made aggregates or post consumer and industrial waste such as glass thereby further increasing the sustainability of the end product.

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Ceratech Inc. North Beaurgard St. Suite 320 Alexandria, VA 22311, USA T +1 732 4695700 F +1 703 8941068


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