New concrete mixing method

FML Concretec GmbH, 35745 Herborn, Germany

FML-Concretec GmbH has just unveiled a new mixing method on the market after a successful series of tests. A colloidal mixer, designed and patented by MAT Mischanlagentechnik GmbH, and an in-house development, an upstream physical water processing system, are to be found at the heart of the procedure. On 17th April 2008, Concretec’s managing directors, Mr. Frank Michael Loh and Mr. Antonio Catarino, and their counterpart from MAT, Mr. Kleimeier, signed an exclusive agreement valid throughout the world for the utilisation of MAT mixing systems in the concrete and cement sectors. The foundation was thus laid for the market launch of this Concretec method which has been further secured by other patents.

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