A useful corporation to introducevacuum handling in the USA

Aerolift Industials, The Netherlands and CTI Inc., Green Bay, Winsconsin, USA

The use of devices based on vacuum principles and technology for handling precast elements and other materials has been around for quite some time and is well established in Europe. The technology has found it’s way into many industries including steel pipes and steel fabricators, paper, windmill blades, concrete prefabrication and tunneling. The story is quite different in North America where devices built on this technology are quite rare and few producers have made use of the many benefits in productivity that this technology offers.

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Aerolift Industrials B.V. Hans van den Tol Banningstraat 3B 3769AA Soesterberg P.O. Box 8 3769ZG Soesterberg, The Netherlands T +31 346 354333 F +31 346 351384 mail@aerolift.nl www.aerolift.nl For contact into the Americans: Concrete Technology Integrators Inc. Mark Schumacher 2231 Holgrem Way Greenbay, WI 54304 USA T +1 920 4978625 F +1 920 4978100 www.cti5050.com cti@cti5050.com


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