Block making machine forthe production of sample blocks

Knauer Engineering GmbH Industrieanlagen & Co. KG, 82538 Geretsried, Germany

The market for paving tiles, concrete slabs and similar concrete elements more often demands individual designs. The manufacturing of samples for new products proves to be difficult, however, since the production plants are usually operating at full capacity and changeover is time consuming and therefore expensive. In order to be able to meet the higher demand for individual samples, it is helpful if a machine is available that is just for the production of samples. At the same time, the quality of the samples should naturally correspond to the high quality of the products from series production. On account of the size of a laboratory machine, however, it is very difficult to accommodate all of the functions of a large machine that are necessary in order to achieve the high quality standard. This is now possible for the first time with the Knauer sample / laboratory machine.

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