Textile reinforced concrete –Innovative! Light! Formable!

Deutsches Zentrum Textilbeton [German Textile Reinforced Concrete Centre], 01187 Dresden, Germany

For a long time now cement-bound concrete has offered a wide range of constructive design and manufacturing possibilities. Its low tensile load bearing capacity is compensated in the case of steel reinforced concrete by means of a reinforcement laid inside. If this steel reinforcement is replaced by textile reinforcements [1], the new composite material ‘textile reinforced concrete’ results. Several layers of high performance textiles are embedded layer-wise in a fine concrete matrix. Endless yarns comprised of hundreds of individual fibres are woven to textile structures with the latest multiaxial and parallel weft knitting techniques. The possibilities for a multiaxial and, hence, stress-oriented reinforcement configuration are thereby manifold. Depending on the subsequent building application, the reinforcement textiles can be provided with suitable coatings in order to further improve handling and load-bearing capacity [14]. A special, partly self-compacting, high performance microconcrete is used. Compared to conventional steel reinforcements, however, the carbon or alkali-resistant glass fibre textiles used are non-corrosive [11]. Self-contained structural elements can be manufactured and existing structural elements can also be strengthened with textile reinforced concrete.

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