Splitting strength of 120 tonnesfor the treatment of concrete blocks

Techno Split, 38050 Ospedaletto (TN), Italy

Thirty years’ experience in developing machinery for splitting stones and concrete are Francesco Boscardin’s business card, the founder and owner of Techno Split, a Trento company that works successfully in this field. The main characteristic of all its models is their strength, guaranteed by large oversizing of the components. For the parts subject to strain and wear, for example, Techno Split always uses the most resistant materials, such as alloy steel, and applies rectification and chrome-plating treatments. The structural work is electrowelded and processed mechanically on boring machines with CNC numerical control.

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Techno Split s.r.l. Via Barricata 12/ B 38050 Ospedaletto (TN), Italy T +39 0461 770027 F +39 0461 770026 www.technosplit.com techno@interbusiness.it


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