Mixing plant as modular system

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH, 88427 Bad Schussenried, Germany

The mixing plant by Liebherr is a powerful variant from the modular system of the Betomat series. The main feature of tower plants (also known as vertical plants) is the storage of aggregates above the plant in a round silo. One of the most modern concrete mixing plants in Austria has now been commissioned for Asamer & Hufnagel. It is a Betomat V-605 mixing tower. Up to 605 m3 of aggregates can be stored in the 10 silo chambers. The stock of the 6 types of binders is around 540 tonnes.

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Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH Im Elchgrund 12 88427 Bad Schussenried, GERMANY T +49 7583 9490 F +49 7583 949395 www.liebherr.com info.lmt@liebherr.com


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