Even faster production using a specialpunching shear reinforcement for precastworks

Schöck Bauteile GmbH, 76534 Baden-Baden, Germany

The reinforcement of supports using double-headed studs to prevent punching through is common practice and is also part of the daily routine in precast works. The BOLE type U and type G punching shear reinforcement support the specific conditions of the synchronous and partly automated manufacture of semi-finished parts. The distributor rods are welded to the underside of the stud in the type U; in the type G, the rods have been stapled to the stud shaft up to now, at the same height as the lattice support bars. In the case of the Schöck BOLE type U, the stud rail is installed before the reinforcement of the slab, and in the case of the BOLE type G, afterwards. Schöck recently presented the new BOLE type F punching shear reinforcement for precast works.

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