Multifunctional precast production withtwo independent compaction systems

Rimac Maschinen & Anlagen GmbH, 69256 Mauer, Germany

Various compaction systems are used in the production of precast for garden design, landscaping, road construction and building construction. The main factor affecting the decision on which system to use is the geometry of the products. Compaction using vibration is the best option for open products, such as cavity blocks, insulation blocks, rings or chimney blocks, but with standard solid products such as pavers, slabs, "natural stone" produced by splitting or "pressing", curbstones, shallow channel blocks, masonry blocks, wall blocks and facade blocks, riser blocks, steps, palisades and cable trough covers, higher strengths are achieved by using hammering equipment. Rimac from Mauer, Germany has recently presented a system where both of these tried-and-tested compaction systems are used alternately, making it possible to produce an exceptionally wide range of products on just one machine.

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