Reducing product manipulation onretaining walls and rock face products

Automacad Inc., Candiac, Québec, J5R 6X1 Canada

In today’s spirited marketplace, the fabrication of concrete products is amongst the most competitive. Landscapers, architects and the ever discerning home owners will forever be looking for new shapes and finishes. Thus every important concrete producer attempts to have creativity as well as ingenuity in order to constantly develop quality value-added product that will please an increasingly demanding clientele. The creation of a variety of new products of different shapes, colors and textures often requires specialized equipment and extra production steps frequently accompanied by its share of material handling without any added value. As is the case with rock faced and tumbled products, the myriad of machinery just to ‘get the job done’ can be costly and often difficult to justify. To remain at the forefront, producers must be creative in their approach to automation. Recognizing that each and every stage of production generates extra costs, Techo-Bloc, a leading North American manufacturer of landscape and masonry paving stones, is working with Automacad with the intent of finding solutions to reduce product manipulation and to find innovative and cost effective ways of improving cycle time.

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