Raute Precision Oy’s new nameis Lahti Precision Oy

Lahti Precision Oy, FI-15801 Lahti, Finland

The weighing and dosing technology company Raute Precision Oy is changing its name. As of 2 October 2006, it will operate as Lahti Precision Oy. Correspondingly, the new name of Raute Dry Mix Oy will be Lahti Dry Mix Oy. The renaming will not affect the business operations of the companies.

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Lahti Precision Oy, P.O.Box 22, Ahjokatu 4 A, FI-15801 Lahti, FINLAND T +358 3 82921 F +358 3 8294100 www.lahtiprecision.com general@lahtiprecision.com


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