HB-Betoniteollisuus Oy in Mid Finland andKandussi in Croatia are setting milestones

Columbia Machine Inc., Vancouver WA 98661, USA

Mr. Eero Nieminen, CEO of HB-Betoni from Jyväskylä in Mid–Finland and his management team are guiding motivated employees to produce 115 hours per week on a 20 years old COLUMBIA Model 50 plant. To do that all the year around, with a winter temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22 F), means keeping the aggregates unfrozen and holding the production facilities above zero degree Celsius. It is a matter of investment according to Pauli Harju, the son of the founder of HB-Betoni. It results in products in stock for the booming building season of 5-6 month after the snow and frost is gone in April / May.

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