Some issues about series productionof Steel Fiber Reinforced PrecastConcrete Elements

Fibre reinforced concrete technology

The interconnected issues of fiber distribution, workability and mechanical properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Precast (SFRC) elements are herein discussed with reference to the case study of a series of 40 prestressed roof elements, which have been cast employing a self-consolidating steel fiber reinforced concrete (SCSFRC). The fibre distribution within the roof elements was investigated by means of a suitable test procedure and correlated with results obtained from cube samples drawn from the batches and tested in the fresh state. Companion slabs were also cast and tested under four point bending, in order to study the correlation between fibre distribution and the mechanical properties of the composite. The work presented here analyses the correlation between fibre distribution, workability and mechanical properties of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) with the aim of optimising both its fresh- and hardened- state properties for a series production of precast SFRC roof elements.

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