Modelling of the propertiesof self-compacting concrete

Research and practice in India

Self-compacting concrete can be defined as the concrete, which requires no vibration, can flow around obstructions, encloses the reinforcement and fills up the formwork completely under its self-weight. Over the last ten years, significant amount of work has been carried out on selfcompacting concrete all over the world. In countries like Japan, Sweden, France, Thailand, UK etc., the knowledge of SCC has moved from domain of research to application. The paper discusses the existing level of research in India concerning various aspects of self-compacting concrete; materials and mixture design, test methods, fresh and hardened concrete properties, durability properties. An insight is provided into the research being carried out to predict the performance of SCC mixtures using modelling techniques. The models developed can be used as economical tools to optimize design of SCC mixtures thereby reducing number of mix trials and can be used to generate future results using other materials.

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