Modern block production in Surinam

Hess Maschinenfabrik GmbH, 57299 Burbach–Wahlbach, Germany

In the South American country of Surinam, Vabi, Van Alen’s Beton Industrie, is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products. For many years, Vabi had been making concrete blocks on several American machines, but when the Surinam government started to develop a new harbour, the supplier of the concrete material was obliged to produce block paving conforming to the highest European specifications. No manufacturer in Surinam was able to manufacture the paving blocks that would meet these standards. For the Vabi management, this was the moment to make the decision to invest in a new block paving production facility capable of outputting the required products. In the end, Hess was chosen to supply the new block paving plant together with the Dutch company Rotonde was selected to provide the batching plant.

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