High concrete poles with the possibilityof assembly by helicopter

Segmented precast concrete poles

The selection of supports for overhead lines, radio antennas or high light post equipment is always based on multiple considerations. Aspects to be considered include mechanical strength, aging behaviour, appearance, possible methods of assembly or installation, environmental aspects, and, of course, associated costs. Another factor to consider is the requirement for high resistance against attack with explosives in unstable countries and it is well known that lattice steel towers are vulnerable to a few kilograms of explosive. Until now, technical impossibilities have existed due to the length and the weight of prefabricated concrete elements for such applications, as well as difficulties in transporting such long elements and erecting them in difficult terrain. With the introduction of this new technology, concrete poles can now be used in any terrain whatsoever. This has been confirmed by several projects.

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04.12.2023 - 07.12.2023
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