Assembling precast structures and managing a precast concrete company

Features of a BIM system

In this article - after an outlook on the BIM features of the software options relevant for reinforced concrete companies - an analysis of some technical aspects with the objective of obtaining a well functioning system composed of a software and the specific experience of the provider concerning fields of application will be carried out. Also, the aspects regarding organization, changes performed, and the user train- ing needed, in other words, all issues of importance for the success of putting an integrated system into operation, will be dealt with. All activities of a precast company concerning a given project will commence with an assessment of the same by studying architectural drawings and project calculations on the basis of the envisaged precast structures. Thereafter, the development of a corresponding quota- tion based on the calculation of manpower required on account of the project planning is necessary. If this assessment and the subsequent quotation end up in a contract, all previous information gathered will form a valid basis for support- ing production planning and the orders forwarded to relevant suppliers. To control production by analyzing the various activities involved, a comparison of the required resources (labour and material) with the estimated project budget to sensibly incorporate a project into the final annual company balance sheet is necessary. One of the main features that a system must thus provide for every project is a constant exchange of information concerning the activities of the different departments (sales office, technical office, production, services, purchas- ing, and accounting).

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