New ways to determine the precise moisture level in mixing systems with a rotating mixer trough by m

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The measurement of moisture in the concrete and precast industry has always been at the centre of attention for the homogeneous and con- sistent manufacture of the most diverse concretes for the most diverse applications. Representative here is the manufacture of pipes and manholes as well as the production of concrete paving stones and products for garden and landscape construction. Moisture measuring sen- sors are used at the most diverse points, depending on the plant concept. Initially the sensors mentioned above provide for the precise net dosage of the aggregates in gravimetric dosing and weighing systems. This means that the mixing plant controller takes into account the water content, which is now known, and compensates it when dosing and weighing. This process is also known colloquially as grading curve correction. The sensors are installed using suitable mounting systems on belts, in the silo or at the silo outlet, depending on the dosing sys- tem concept. One might now think that this is sufficient to achieve the desired consistency of the concrete – but for different reasons this is not the case!

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