Production of Agricultural Precast Concrete Elements in Russia

Humarbo Machinery B.V., Runnenbergweg 11, Vaassen, The Netherlands

OOO Euro Slats is a Russian company held by three French shareholders. Founded in 2005 in Gryazi near Lipetsk, about 450 kilometers south of Moscow. Euro Slats manufactures precast concrete elements for the construction of pig breeding farms. The company started to produce pig slats manually with 3 vibrating tables. Very quickly, Euro Slats decided to extend and industrialize its manufacturing process with an effi- cient, automated production line. The first Humarbo production installation was commissioned in 2006; at that time, like in many other new businesses, this was done with a reconditioned, used MPF automatic production installation including a CTS filling system and an RMM take- off system. On special request, because there was no internet connection for remote servicing, the PLC was removed from the machine, and it was downgraded to a manually operated machine. A big advantage was the curing of the products on steel pallets instead of on the floor. The first step on the path of continuous improvement was thus deployed. Although the first operational day of this installation was in 1981 already, it is still producing pig slats every day today.

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