Why is Self Compacting Concrete sodifferent in different countries?

A comprehensive worldwide overview

There is a great difference in the way of thinking within concrete technology in different countries. Thus the mix-design of SCC is very different in various countries. Certainly, the raw materials can vary significantly from one country to another, but the prominent reason is probably the way of thinking in mix-designing concrete. This means that one solution, which might be economical and natural in one country, is considered “not acceptable” in another. An example of that is the Swedish SCC, which can contain a lot of binder (water, cement and limestone filler), up to 40%, whereas the neighboring countries as Denmark and Norway try to adjust the volume of binder closer to 30%. Further, a very economical solution, possible in one country, is not possible in another, due to the aggregates and the technology applied at the ready mix plant stations.

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