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The basic conditions with respect to production of concrete paving stones have changed considerably with an increasing variety of different types and colours in the various manufacturing plants. Especially products with a higher profit margin are usually requested in smaller quantities only, requiring smaller production lots. Most production plants – in particular older ones – are not sufficiently prepared to the requirements of flexible production – if at all. Due to the fact that the products are manufactured in medium or smaller quantities in one lot size (which is still too extensive) the tied-up capital will be increased. High amount of stock product with little handling frequency only bear the risk of efflorescence and may lead to a deterioration of the stone cubes (bundles), especially of the packing material. In many cases the storage area is not sufficiently sized so that the strategic positioning of the production plant within the market is limited. Even net-worked suppliers maintaining several production locations cannot escape rising transport costs. If – on the other hand – production lot sizes have to be decreased, the frequent plant reconfigurations (mould changes) reduce productivity and profit. But new production strategies to increase competitiveness are possible.

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